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Any material, component or (waste) product can be exchanged on the EME’s digital matching platform. We will find new high-value reuse opportunities, will help you realise your circular ambitions and bring you financial as well as environmental benefits.

Yes, absolutely. Blockchain technology will ensure the safe exchange of proprietary data. Your company remains the owner of your own sensitive data while materials will be traced anonymously. The blockchain also ensures non-corruptibility and traceability of supply chains and helps to prevent frauds.

Everything that we do at EME boils down to one key concept: high-value. We use a unique method to determine whether a solution for your material or waste-product is high-value. We take into account 3 elements: environmental, financial and social.

Companies often refer to the ‘waste hierarchy’ when it comes to circularity in the material and product chain. The simplest analogy is to see it as a ladder. For instance, burning materials with energy recovery scores low on the ladder because value is lost. Recycling is a higher-value way – reusing a product is an even higher-value solution, so it’s higher up the ladder. 

Yet in our view, high-value equates to more than just the reduction of the ecological footprint of a product. It’s also about the financial picture and whether it provides an interesting business case. And let’s not forget the social aspect. Of course, it would be great if jobs could be created by recycling or reusing a material or waste product. However, it can’t be called a ‘high-value solution’ if people are exploited somewhere along the line.

Yes. We have a registered VIHB number and are licensed to facilitate the trade of waste. You can verify our registration in the national database: https://ondernemersloket.niwo.nl/home/publicatie/zoek-vihb-registraties

Yes. When you’ve chosen to implement your  internal marketplace, you can either use it as a ‘stand alone’ platform, or couple it to your IT systems. We can discuss your IT requirements and integrate it according to your needs. 

Contact us via info@excessmaterialsexchange.com to get in touch with our team. We will help you on your transition towards the circular economy.

Our legal partners help us and your company to investigate and overcome the legal barriers for the high value and appropriate exchange of excess materials.