Excess Materials Exchange

We think far too many valuable resources and materials are wasted or ill-designed in the current paradigm, for which the planet pays a heavy price. Isn’t that a waste?
We are determined to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy – and play a part in creating a more viable planet. By showing the financial and ecological value of materials. By challenging companies to design and produce their goods in a more efficient and circular manner. And by making matches. A whole lot of matches.

What do we stand for?

Our digital platform unlocks the maximum potential of the world’s excess materials and products by matching them to their highest value uses.

What do aim to achieve?

We are determined to fundamentally change the waste game - by introducing an innovative way of doing business that becomes the industry standard. That way, we will speed-up the world’s transition to a circular economy and we pull our weight in creating a clean planet for everyone.

Our Values

We unlock potential on a daily basis. We give materials, products and waste streams that are considered worthless a new high-value reuse destination. It’s unsurprising that our core values play an important role in our lives. Those values guide us in all the actions and choices we make.


We love openness. That’s why our Resources Passport provides an overview of among others the composition, origin and deconstructability of a product. That allows true value to reveal itself. In our matchmaking, we identify the financial, social and environmental consequences – talk about transparency and honesty! The truth is that profit cannot be considered as such when corruption, toxins, exploitation or other aggressions are involved. We are very clear about that.


We invest heart and soul into everything. We’re fired up to realise our big hairy audacious goals: to completely change the way we deal with resources and materials. Furthermore, to bring about a circular economy and a clean, viable planet. That’s why we get out of bed every morning. We want to invest our time and energy into these goals. We don’t just walk away from a challenge and we aren’t afraid to question existing conventions and practices. And if this way of life means we have to eat a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner? So be it.


Our digital platform creates matches for resources, materials and products. That makes us matchmakers. Is that a core value? To us, it most certainly is. Our key drivers are matchmaking, networking and cooperation. You simply need each other to optimize impact. And that happens to be our ambition. That’s why we forge alliances with partners that share our dreams and ideals. And that’s why we continuously find the most valuable matches for materials and products.


We are determined to radically disrupt the way we deal with resources, materials, products and waste streams. That transition needs to speed up – so what are we waiting for? We are fully committed to making a strong and positive impact. On the people we work with. On the businesses that join us. And on our planet. It can be done. It has to be done. So let’s just do it!


Doing things differently and better. That’s how in our view the world has to deal with resources, materials and products. We need to radically rethink our current system and make it futureproof. Goodbye waste, hello circularity. For this reason, we embrace inventive concepts, ground-breaking innovations, smart technology and finding new ways to organise and cooperate. Anything for disruptive innovation.