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EME turns your waste stream into a revenue stream

The Excess Materials Exchange (EME) is a digital marketplace where companies can exchange excess materials with each other. Online traditional and non-traditional waste streams are matched with new product and revenue opportunities. We help scale cross industry business-to-business collaboration to transition to a circular economy.

EME is built around three pillars:


A reliable and transparent marketplace where any excess material can be bought or sold (e.g. aluminum, heat, or excess space in trucks). EME enables you to source locally and make your operations circular.


EME provides you with access to knowledge about circularity from other companies and leading experts around the world. This can help you better identify the nature of your excess materials, find new business models and potential buyers.


Work with knowledge institutes, NGOs, GOs and other companies from around the world to find creative new ways to deal with your excess materials and innovate your value chain.

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A €22 billion opportunity

The growing pressure on our planet sets a clear challenge: we need to find value in discarded materials. A circular economy makes value chains more resilient and can grow the market by EUR 7 billion (TNO) to EUR 22 billion (CircleEconomy) annually. EME is an indispensable tool to make use of these opportunities and helps participating organizations move on the leading edge of the transition towards a circular economy.

How it works

EME uses an award winning tool developed by the WBCSD, USBCSD and CEF to optimize resource effectiveness in networks. This secured tool enables participating companies to easily post materials available, underutilized or desired, identify reuse opportunities, exchange knowledge and innovate together.

Startup Templates

Start-up templates based on industry and facility type to expedite initial data entry and to encourage users to consider resources available creatively.

Search, sort and filter functionalities

Search, sort, and filter functions to quickly locate specific resources desired. The software also notifies users when a high match potential resource becomes available.

Reuse opportunities

We identify possible reuse opportunities and actively push out those opportunities to relevant companies as recommendations.

Secure log in

Secure and unique log-ins for all users and training on software use and data entry. Details about data entries can be selectively disclosed.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports on cost savings and environmental benefits for specific transactions or total benefits of all transactions.

Ongoing development

We are always working on software enhancement and improvement of the service we offer.

Example: Vitens

Water company Vitens regularly received phone calls of users that their water was oddly colored. This was due to harmless (actually healthy) organic compounds. Yet color was more important to their customers, so Vitens filtered out the organic compounds and send this excess material stream to an incinerator. Costs: half a million annually, and a waste of valuable resources. They decided they could optimize this process. Within two years they refined their purification installation and now sell the salts and organic compounds with a big profit to various companies. They also sell the technology behind the new purification installation.

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Get Involved!

By being part of this network, you have access to:

  • A reliable and transparent marketplace for non-virgin materials
  • Knowledge about the circular economy and innovative business models from around the world
  • Access to partnering knowledge institutes (Yale University, Ohio State University, Arizona State University, and growing)
  • Support in facilitating new companies/coalitions/deals around specific excess materials streams and promising business models
  • The ability to turn a cost in a revenue stream and enable a worldwide circular economy.
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Get Involved

Step 1

Get in touch and tell us more about your companies goals, needs and facilities. We'll help answer any remaining questions, and can do an (online) demo of the software for you and your team.

Step 2

If it is a good match, you'll be guided through our onboarding process, which includes marketplace account setup for your company and any/all facilities you'd like to have engaged, initial upload of materials data, and technical training on how to use the software.

Step 3

Your materials available and company profile will be added into our match analysis processes, and we'll actively push out and facilitate match recommendations with other participants. Our biggest requirement from you at this stage is to stay engaged and active, responding to communications and match inquiries in a timely manner.
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